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How we can help ?

As auditors we report on whether your annual accounts show a true and fair view of the company’s financial activity and position to its shareholders. The annual audit is an opportunity to glean a valuable insight into your business without bias.

Capital increase audit

Why you should consider increasing the capital of your company?
In situations of excess debt, the board of directors often wants to bring about restructuring by convincing the company’s creditors to waive their loans and convert these into equity of the company. This type of restructuring is very common, especially among smaller, owner-run companies. Although this process does not provide the company with any new funds, the equity situation is improved.

Benefits of Increasing
Finance additional company growth
Gain in share price and dividend payouts

Disadvantages of Increasing
Usually results in short term share value dilution
External view of financial insolvency

How we can help ?
There are three options for increasing the share capital of a company;

  • The regular (increase with cash)
    Mostly no auditor certification required
  • The regular (increase with assets)
    Auditor certification required (Asset value)
  • Approved (increase with capital reserves)
    Auditor certification required (Capital increase report)

Contribution in kind audit
Going from sole trader to limited company

Why become a limited company?
En conséquence d’une croissance saine, de nombreuses raisons individuelles souhaitent adapter leur forme juridique afin de mieux répondre à leurs besoins économiques et se transforment ainsi en Sàrl ou SA.

Many small businesses and self-employed people start out as sole traders because it’s the easiest legal structure to set up – especially when you’re keen to get going with your new venture. But despite more admin, becoming a limited company can bring increased tax-efficiency, as well as limited liability, greater borrowing power, improved reputation, and credibility among clients and customers.

The main benefits are the following;
Limit your liability
Become more tax efficient
On boarding of business partners

For the full list of benefits please download the analysis in the link below (available soon).

How can we help you?

The process needs to be verified by a qualified accountant, like us, who specialise in supporting new and existing limited companies. Here is an overview of the way’s to transform.

  • Incorporation with assets
    Transferring the assets of your sole trader business to a limited company in return for shares.
  • Incorporation with company’s assets and debts
    Transferring the assets and liabilities of your sole trader business to a limited company in return for shares.

Liquidation of a limited company

If your company is going through a period of financial distress or you have decided to simply stop the business, you may find yourself faced with the prospect of having to place your company into liquidation.

Here is an overview of the steps;

  • Decision to close recorded in certified form
    The decision is taken in the presence of a notary, who records it in a certified document.
  • Appointment of the liquidator
    Mostly one of the shareholders of the company.
  • Registration of the winding-up
    The company becomes “X SA in liquidation”
  • Call to creditors
    Publish the liquidation in the SOGC (3 times)
  • Liquidation
    The assets and liabilities are distributed
  • Deletion from the trade register
    One year at the earliest after publication of the third call to creditors

Our services include

Limited statutory examination

Incorporation with contribution in kind

Share Capital increase

Company transformation (sole trader to a limited company)

Voluntary audit examination

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